Make Money Gaming Online is what we will be talking about today. But before that, know it that technology is really taking our world to a better place in less than no time. We have discovered gaming as what we normally do or partake in during our leisure time. With the help of game now, people are now more satisfied than ever. Some don’t have friends to relate with but with their game by their side, they will really stay comfortable.

Today without wasting much time, we will be lecturing you on how you can be able to make cool money gaming online. You can now turn that your pleasure into something profitable. It is just your decision. Give it a try you will not regret it. Below are the 5 cool ways you can make extra cash gaming online.

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Make Money Gaming Online

Make Money Gaming Online

1. Create a Gaming Guides

If you are a game freak, have it at the back of your mind that the internet gives you the opportunity to learn as well as teach others how they can go about it. In-game, there is always this hard stage you can not just pass easily and many people find it hard to pass that stage in gaming.

Now, you can make a video of how you can be able to pass that stage online. With that video, people will now have to pay you money in other to get access to the video.

2. Setup Game Streams

In this aspect, you can as well set up a game stream and show off to the world how amazing you are, probably commentating while you play.

Before you can start making money, you will have to have a huge audience. with huge people now on your side, you can simply display ads to your viewers, and by so doing, other big game companies will contact you to show off their latest game. with that, you are being paid huge.

3. Create A Game Blog Nitch

You can as well create a blog basically for game Nitch. In that your blog, you will review all kind of game with that, you will have more visitors directly to your blog.

Once you have gathered enough visitors, you can monetize your blog with   Google Adsense or any ads at all that pays per click. With that, you are making money via your love for the game.

4. Affiliate via Gaming Products

Once you now have that blog, you can as well make huge money recommending products to gamers reading your blog content. Let us break it down. When you review a gaming product, And people pass through your affiliate link to buy the product and you get a commission from the merchant site. With that, you are good to go.

5. Testing Games

Once a game has been created, the game developers will have to look for good gamers that will check out the game before it will be officially launched out. Note that you can as well get in touch with some of these companies and get paid to test out newly released games. In this aspect, you will enjoy playing the game and also get paid for the job of testing the game.


I hope you found this article interesting, you can now make a living with your passion for games. Do you have any questions regarding this article Make Money Gaming Online? make it known to us via the comment box below.

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