Jumia Flex– Have you ever thought of getting your hands on something you love? Have you ever thought of getting the device you really wish and cherish the most? What about making use of that gadget you can’t really take your eyes off it? Well, you can get all those things here on Jumia Flex.

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Jumia Flex

Jumia Flex

Considering the fact that gadgets and smartphones are adding ups every day, most people will be looking for a sharp and quick way they can pay-up for this respective product. Now looking at the present economic situation in this part of the world is not really a good time to buy stuff.

Jumiaflex has made it possible for all who wish to buy things from them with a bit to pay in installment. Now if you want to buy any phone or laptop, all you need is simply a small initial deposit (or security deposit) that has to be made, and afterward, fixed deposits will.

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Jumia Flex Requirements?

Below are the required details you really need in other to make use of this wonderful deal which is been offered by Jumia.

Jumia Flex Terms and Conditions

Be rest assured that before you can get your hands on this, there are some terms and conditions you must know. They are as follows.

1. All customers are ONLY allowed to apply for one device.

2. Once you have been accepted, all customers will be required to pay up the device in person in Lagos, at Jumia Flex’s Experience Centre in Yaba, Lagos State.

3. be rest assured that Jumia Flex is currently only available for customers in Lagos State

4. Note that Jumia Flex doesn’t charge for application. All you need to do now is kindly pay in installments.

How to Apply for your products on JumiaFlex

1. Kindly navigate the official site via Jumiaflex form.
2. You will have to enter your email address
3. Choose the device you want and carefully fill the App form. Within 3 days, you will get a response to your application.
4. Once you have been approved, note that you will  get an email which will ask you to pay some money upfront with your card or bank account online
5. Once you must have made the payment, kindly know that your order will be processed and you can pick it up within a few days.
6. Note that after the first month, your account will constantly be debited every 30 days for the unpaid balance, for the next 3 or 6 months depending on the plan you choose.

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