Data Plan is something you can not do without. Most people spend almost every day of their lives on the internet. While other people do their respective business still on the internet. Without data Plan. you can not achieve all these things.

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Glo has really been impressive in recent times, with their lots of interesting data plans which have been made available for their Users. In our previous post, we talked about Glo 1.25 GB for 200, Now we will be talking about Glo Stay At Home Data Plan.

It’s a pleasure we make it known to all Glo users, they can enjoy a whopping 2.5GB for just N1000. Glo is doing all they can t make sure they keep their customers free and safe from the deadly Pandemic that is hitting the whole world called COVID-19.


Details About Glo Stay At Home Data

On this particular Glo Stay at home data Plan, Users are expected to enjoy over 20 percent extra data for any data plan they purchase. That simply means that the bonus offers start from N100 with 5% addition and many more you can enjoy, especially when you buy more, you earn more data.

 Glo Nigeria Stay At Home Data Break down Plan

1. With N100 data Plan, you earn 105MB instead of Initial 90MB
2. With N500 data Plan, you Earn 1.05GB instead of Initial 1GB
3.  With N1000 data Plan, you earn 2.5GB instead of initial 2.3GB
4. With the N2000 data plan, you earn 5.8GB instead of initial 5.25GB
5. With N3,000 data plan, you earn 10GB instead of initial 9GB
6. With N20,000 data plan, you earn 138GB instead of initial 115GB

Simple Steps On How to activate the plan

This goes to all Glo users who might be interested in getting the Stay at home data, Note that in other to activate this plan, all you need to do is simply dial (*777#) and kindly select any plan of your choice. Alternatively, you can also do this using ( respectively.

Happy for you to know that you’ll automatically enjoy up to about 20% or more data when you top up your data. Meanwhile, the percentage of the bonus you’ll get solely depends on how much data you purchased.

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