Everyone will agree that YouTube is the premier video site. Many people use it daily, but not so many users think about customizing it. This post will be useful for both casual users and for those who watch YouTube videos every day. You will discover different ways how to tweak YouTube. Let’s have a glance at some YouTube tricks to get more out of the service.

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YouTube Tricks And Features

YouTube Tricks And Features

How to activate YouTube Dark mode  

If you do not like when your screen blastыs your eyes with its bright white light, you should switch to the dark mode. YouTube allows enabling this feature immediately.

How to set youtube dark mode chrome?

  • Press the “Profile” icon, which is placed in the top right corner.
  • Press “Dark Theme.”
  • Activate the “Dark Theme” option.

As you can see, there is nothing more comfortable to get the dark mode for YouTube. Make yourself cozy and enjoy your favorite videos.

How to clear YouTube History?

Now it is possible to delete all the items from your YouTube search/watch history. In fact, you can completely clear the history, pause it, or go through the history section and delete only the desired videos.

In order to clear the history on your both mobile device or desktop, you will need to navigate to the “Watch History” section.

YouTube Tricks And Features

YouTube Tricks And Features

In order to delete your history permanently, press “clear all watch history,” to stop your history recording you must press “pause watch history,” or remove specific videos by tapping the “X” next to the videos.  

How to make YouTube safe for children?

You will be pleased to discover a safe version of YouTube, which is now available for children.

Conscious parents do not want to give access to all public videos to their children. YouTube Kids will help you have more control over what your children are watching online. It is not a wide-open library of YouTube, which uses filters powered by unique algorithms aiming to filter YouTube videos that are entirely safe for children.

Parents can turn on or off the search feature. It is recommended to limit the search to a particular set of videos. You can also set the timer to control the time your kid spends on the app.

 Discover YouTube TV

YouTube Tricks And Features

YouTube Tricks And Features

YouTube TV is a user-friendly interface, which has been designed for smart TVs and applications on consoles. It is the same YouTube, but it is less cluttered and has a few shortcuts, which are more convenient for remotes. Check it, and maybe you will decide to set it your main YouTube interface. If you want to try it, visit the URL: youtube.com/tv

How to make a GIF from a video?

Have you ever thought of making GIFs of YouTube videos? You can create an animated GIF from any part of YouTube videos. The only thing you have to do is to add “gif” before the YouTube link.

You will be forwarded. Different effects can be added, as well as crop the GIF the way you like. Your newly created GIFs can be shared on social networks by using the direct link or by downloading for safekeeping. It is essential to mention that too-long videos do not work with such services.

How to jump directly to your subscriptions?

In most cases, all the suggestions, which are offered by YouTube, are not very interesting. It is recommended to set your own YouTube landing page. Once you are signed in to your personal account, you should modify the YouTube bookmark from the leading site directly to the subscriptions page.  

This setting will let you see all new videos from the subscribed channels. You will never miss the content you are interested in. This is the way to have more control and avoid boring stuff YouTube suggests to you.

How to bypass YouTube age restrictions?

It is a well-known fact that YouTube has certain age restrictions. Some videos are flagged as those containing mature content. If you do not have your own YouTube account or you simply do not to sign in, you try a little trick to skip the sign-in.

You must ass “gen” in front of the YouTube URL for a restricted:

By doing this, you will open the video on the new age, and you will see that there is no age restriction.


Hopefully, you have discovered some new YouTube hacks, tips, and features out there. Now you should log on to your YouTube account and explore them. They will give you much more control over the video content.  

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