Shortcut keys will be discussed here today in other to make things easy for you all. It is important we make it known to you all that Shortcut Keys simply help to provide an easier and usually quicker method of navigating and executing commands in computer software programs.

Furthermore, shortcut keys are also commonly accessed by using the Alt key (on IBM compatible computers), Command key (on Apple computers), Ctrl key, or Shift key in conjunction with another key. You can as well as read books online with your computer.

Computers are something that is basically owned by the majority of the people on planet earth because we are in a dispensation where almost everybody wants to make use of a Personal computer/ Laptops. In a comprehensive article, we will be letting you know the simple ways you can operate your systems via shortcut methods.

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shortcut keys

shortcut keys

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that you can as well als0 find the shortcut keys to their most popular program by looking for underlined letters in their menus. Coming down to a lays man understanding, have it at the back of your mind that for example, When the image to the right has an underline on the “F” in File, that simply means that you can now press the Alt key and then the “F” key to access the File menu.

On the other hand, some other programs require the user to press and hold Alt to see the underlined characters. now going back to what we saw before, In the same image above, you can also see that some of the common features, such as Open (Ctrl+O) and Save (Ctrl+S), all have shortcut keys assigned to them.

Good news for you all it may concern, in as much as you have started begin to memorize shortcut keys, Please know it that you will also notice that many applications share the same shortcut keys.  We will be talking about the full shortcut keys you really need to take care 0f.

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NOTEUsers outside the United States or who have a foreign copy of Microsoft Windows or a Microsoft application may not be able to use all of the below shortcut keys.

Computer Shortcut Keys

The computer is an important gift anybody can ever dream of having or simply achieving. Now we will be highlighting shortcut keys you can really need to make use of. How to operate a computer is no doubt somehow stressful, But with the help of the computer shortcuts, things are now made easy for you all.

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Computer shortcuts

Computer shortcuts are simply the way by which you operate a computer/laptop in a simple way apart from the normal way. You apply shortcuts in other to reach or achieve what you intend to achieve. This makes life sweet and comfortable when using your personal computers.

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keyboard shortcut keys

Keyboard shortcuts keys are simply how you can make use of the keyboard in a proper way instead of the long process. You really need to know this simple keyboard shortcuts keys in other to be fast when making use of your respective systems/laptops.

Basic PC shortcut keys

Without wasting much time, in a comprehensive article, we will be highlighting the full list of some of the most commonly used basic shortcut keys that work with almost all IBM compatible computers and software programs. Have it at the back of your mind that these shortcut keys are said to be highly recommended to all users in other to keep a good reference of these shortcut keys.

Furthermore, the special character shortcuts listed here, some special characters are also located on the number keys (below the F1 – F12 keys). Meaning that you can you can enter these special characters by pressing the Shift key and the number key that has the special character listed on it.

List of All Computer Keyboard shortcut keys

Shortcut KeysDescription
Alt+FFile menu options in the current program.
Alt+EEdit options in current program
Alt+TabSwitch between open programs
F1View help information (F1 is used by almost every Windows program to display help).
F2Rename a selected file
F5Refresh the current program window
Ctrl+NCreate a new or blank document in some software programs.
Ctrl+OOpen a file in a current software program
Ctrl+ASelect all text.
Ctrl+BChange selected text to be Bold
Ctrl+IChange selected text to be in Italics
Ctrl+UChange selected text to be Underlined
Ctrl+FOpen find window for current document or window.
Ctrl+SSave current document file.
Ctrl+XCut selected item.
Shift+DelCut selected item.
Ctrl+CCopy selected item.
Ctrl+InsCopy selected item
Ctrl+YRedo last action
Ctrl+ZUndo last action
Ctrl+KInsert hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl+PPrint the current page or document.
HomeGoes to beginning of current line.
Ctrl+HomeGoes to beginning of document.
EndGoes to end of current line.
Ctrl+EndGoes to end of the document.
Shift+HomeHighlights from current position to beginning of line.
Shift+EndHighlights from current position to end of a line.
Ctrl+Left arrowMoves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl+Right arrowMoves one word to the right at a time.
Ctrl+EscOpens the START menu
Ctrl+Shift+EscOpens Windows Task Manager
Alt+F4Close the currently active program
Alt+EnterOpen the Properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.)

PC shortcut keys for Special Characters

Now, below are some of the more common and popular special characters and the keyboard shortcuts to create them, try making use of it.

Shortcut KeysSpecial Character
Alt+0176°  (degree symbol)
Alt+0177±  (plus/minus symbol)
Alt+0128€  (Euro currency)
Alt+0162¢  (Cent symbol)
Alt+0163£  (British Pound currency)
Alt+0165¥  (Japanese Yen currency)


With the comprehensive article above on Shortcut Keys, you now know how to make use of the short keys in computer yo really need to put into practice. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated. Do you have any question regarding this, make it known to us via the comment box below.

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