Secure Online Transaction will, the online transaction has been the order of the day. In our current dispensation, we have inculcated the habit of getting most of our stuff online, Most people now find it difficult to go to shops, they now do almost everything online. Well, that is not bad at all because we are in a jet age where technology has really improved our day to day activities.

Shopping and banking online occur frequently in the Internet market. But it interests us to let you know that the internet has rendered many people useless due to the rampant online scam and theft which is said to occur just as often.

The simple truth here is that Online transactions always carry some risk, but this article is been caved out to help users improve their security on the internet. Below are the top 10 good ways you can secure Online Transactions.

Secure Online Transaction

Secure Online Transaction

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1: Please Avoid Clicking Through Emails

Please note that there is no financial organization of any kind that will send you an email asking you to provide your login details. In other words, If you get an email that seems to be from your bank that requests for such details, please do well not too because they are just thieves.

And also be aware of connections in emails that seem to be of your bank, This is the way they have been using to drain people of their hard-earned money. This is what they do, they get you into a website that looks like your bank. When you log in to ‘your account,’ you are finished, you will be raked properly. So be warned!

2: Properly Check If The Site Is Trustworthy

Before you make any payment online, you must make sure that the web site is trustworthy. You will risk giving away your personal information, such as your bank details and passwords to a site you are unfamiliar with. check them properly I repeat before making any payment of any kind to avoid tears at last.  If you are looking for a reliable trusted online transaction site, I will recommend  AlertPay and PayPal, you can make payment with them instead of your bank accounts.

3: PayPal Is Also Reliable

With PayPal Credit cards You are been covered in any kind of online transaction you are yet to make because it provides extra protection for users than debit cards when false transactions occur. Please carefully read the print on your debit and credit card transactions to find out the protections and conditions of their respective cards.

Report and testimonies have it that PayPal is one of the most broadly accepted payment devices online, which trades on consumer satisfaction and the promise of security for sales And also including some consumer protection if a transaction doesn’t go completed, PayPal can as well be very helpful.

4: You can Make use of Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

This Virtual Credit Card has really won the hearts of so many. While shopping online VCC will be sharing your actual credit/debit card information to your retailer site. Know it that this card VCC is a one-time available credit card which is said to have low balance depending on your demand.

PLEASE NOTE: Anytime you want to shop online something of about $200, you are allowed to generate a VCC of that funds and use it to pay online. After that payment, please make sure that the feature is with your Net Banking options. Don’t even think of buying a VCC from any online seller, it is not safe at all.

5: Make sure you Pick a Secure Password

It is quite unfortunate that some persons don’t know how to choose a good and strong password. Well anytime you are about inserting a password, make sure that you balance it between choosing multiple characters, multiple case, and password with several numbers. In it that’s as reliable and a stronger password.  It is important you know it that if your password is too long, You have a chance of forgetting the password.

If you equally make it too short,  hackers will find it easy to penetrate your credentials.  Some people always make the mistake of using a dictionary term or a phrase formed up of your details (just like your mother’s name or street or mobile number), as it’s little to run a check toward those from any PC. To be at the safe side, make sure you use some private information to create your password which will not be easy to break.

6: Make use of Two-factor authentication

Secure Online Transaction In the two-factor authentication, you just have to remember a password for a service (along with maybe a name or account number) which is known as single-factor authentication because you know something. you can give it a trial. One of the best reliable ways is two-factor authentication because you either know two bits of information, with lower security.

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7: Avoid General Computers or Wi-Fi When Banking Online

Wisdom is profitable to direct just like the holy book tell us, and in all your getting get wisdom. Know it this day Anytime you are making use of public Wi-Fi, Bear it in mind that someone can reach your browser account and your password.

So Please in other to be at the safe side, don’t make use of public computers or wi-fi anytime your on important kinds of stuff like banking or reading email, you are placing yourself in danger.

This means even if you have your email or other password-protected there are websites that set up to automatically enter your password for you and log in with your permission.

8: Make Sure You Apply authorized anti-virus software

Make Sure You Make Use good licensed anti-virus software, and also make sure you review it for updates regularly. You can set your personal computer to do the check out for updatess and inform you latter or you can equally check it out your self manually, that is by your self. P

lease it is not advisable to fix your computer to download the update automatically because downloading manually gives the best security from malware and viruses.

9: Make Sure You Keep an Eye on Your Transactions

Some will seam to be busy in these terms of safe guiding their transaction. Please Make sure you have a properly written note on your bank’s statements and what you’ve been purchasing, and especially keep tabs on when and where. You’ll be better equipped to notice an unusual purchase then, and put a block on your card, it is important you know this.

10: Make Sure You Leave No Evidence Behind

To be 4 warned is to be 4 armed. Take this information seriously because the days are evil. You can Secure Online Transaction by making sure you delete all evidence and remind them to delete the information once they’re done with it.

The report has it that too many accounts are accessed and used illegally due to people carelessly leaving details lying around. Some people do well to write their password down, but if you ask me categorically I will say that it is not too good. Some one can easily spot it out.


Make sure you Secure Online Transaction because the internet is another world of its own. Many people make a living through it while some others are been tricked through it as well. Things are really happening.

I just hope you found this article interesting and helpful. Do well to make use of your little time to share this post via any of the share buttons. Stay with us as we keep you updated.



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