The designer who assesses the architecture environment and requirements is the Salesforce Certified Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer. He designed the sound and solutions are performed on the platform of Customer 360.

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The designer should be experienced in the design of databases and have experience with Data Modeling, management of master Data, management of salesforce data, governance of data, and the migration of the Data. He should be experienced in the considerations of large data volume and in communicating the solutions, business’s trade-off design, and stakeholders of IT.

Candidates Description:
The architecture framework’s information covers the essential blocks of buildings, including the data sourcing, the persistence for the movement/ integration, master data, management of metadata, semantic reconciliation, governance of data, security, and delivery. This all should be in the knowledge of candidates.
Candidates should have the best experience and grip on the requirements, which assess the customer regarding the quality needs of data and the solution created for ensuring the data of high quality. For ensuring the proper data stewardship, the changes that are recommended in the organizations should also be experienced by the candidates.

Background of Salesforce Certified Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer:
The candidates who are applying for Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer Credential should have a strong background in the following fields:

The Salesforce Experience of 2 to 3 years
The supporting or implementing the solutions of data-centric experience of more than five years.
If you don’t have proper experience and knowledge, it can be difficult to pursue a professional career after your exam certification.

Jobs for the Salesforce Certified Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer:
The typical job roles for the salesforce certified architecture and management designer include the Advanced Administrator, Data Architect, and the Solution/ Technical Architect and the developer of the advanced platform.

This exam certification can also improve your resume, can upgrade your existing job, and can also increase your salary or position in your organization.

Skills that Candidate Should Have For Exam Certification:

The candidate should have experience in the data Modeling and Design of DataBase, Custom Fields, lookup relationships, and the master details. Experience in the requirements of Clients and database mapping is also their large Data Consideration, Indexing, LDV migrations, and performance, etc.
All of these skills will ease your exam paper and improve professional performance, and they can also upgrade your job.

Exam Summary:
Here are basic details about the Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer exam certification, which you should know before applying for this exam certification:

The paper contains 60 MCQs and the completion time for the exam is 105 minutes.
The passing marks required for this exam are approximately 58%.
The registration fee is about 400 US Dollars with the taxes applicable as per the local law.
The Retake fee is 200 US Dollars with the taxes applicable as per the local law.
It is the online proctored environment exam system or the exam delivered on the online testing site.
Online materials or hard copies are strictly prohibited as a reference during or in exams.

All are essential, so keep them in mind while preparing for the exam paper:

Exam Outline:
Here I will discuss the most important topic related to this exam certification. You should know about the basic details and deep study to pass your exam paper, so let’s start with a brief descriptive introduction.

Master Data Management 5%.
Data Governance 10%
Data Modeling/ Data Design 25%
Data Migration 15%
Salesforce Data Management 25%
Large Data Volume Consideration 20%

Master Data Management:
Master Data Management includes the comparison and the contrasting of the different techniques for the implementations of the solutions of the master data management. For establishing a system of truth or golden records for customers’ domain in a single organization, the techniques and given scenarios of customers are used.

Data Governance:
The different approaches are compared and contrasted for designing and implementing the data governance program. The approach recommended for GDPR compliant data model designing. Different options should be discussed for the identification, classification, and protection of sensitive and personal information.

Data Modeling/ Database Design:
Compare and contrast the different techniques for the data model’s designing for the platform of customer 360 and for business management and the capturing of the business and metadata, which is technical. Compare and contrast for the implementation of the bigger objects rather than the custom objects along with the pros and cons of the bigger objects.

Salesforce Data Management:
The scenario is given to the customer who recommends the Salesforce’s appropriate combination license types to leverage the effective standards and the custom object to meet the customer’s needs.

Large Data Volume Consideration:
A customer signing a scale considering model on large data volume and performance of the solution and so on.

All of these topics are important, and there are conceptual questions related to these topics and their subtopics in the exam paper, so you should prepare accordingly. You can join different online groups, can prepare from different sample papers, online lectures, exam pdf files, exam dumps, study guides, and other study materials.

You can also join free trial base courses of Salesforce and maybe on the website to get familiar with exam guides and to polish your skills related to exam certification. So make sure to attend your course properly and also set your study schedules calendar to ensure proper preparations.

Maintenance of the Certification:
Always keep in mind that never let the credential which you earned hard expire. Always try to complete the maintenance required on or before the due date after the completion of the Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer certification module of maintenance trailhead one time a year. Some of the useful resources for the maintenance of your credentials are verification of your certificate status, the details of expiry of your certificate, due dates for the module of maintenance, and the overall requirements for the maintenance.

In this article, I have discussed a detailed exam guide to help you identify, classify, and protect cover up different things regarding this exam certification.




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