POS machines will be briefly discussed today. Technology has really improved our day to day lives with its inventions that have made life easy and sweet to live in. It was not like this in ancient time when we find it difficult to save or withdraw our hard-earned money. Below are all you need to know about POS and how it works.

What is a POS Machine?

It is quite unfortunate that so many don’t even know what POS really is, Well have it at the back of your mind that POS simply means Point of Sale Machine which happens to be a portable device that enables individuals or business organizations to accept bank card payment for transactions.

It is a pleasure we make it known to you that ever since the invention of POS Machines, it has really reduced the rate of robbery an as well provides other benefits which include the payment of the exact agreed money.

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Furthermore, this medium was really a good one and it has really enhanced our lives as well. But have it in mind that the greatest part of the benefits is the instant payment notification that the machine will provide for your customers para venture you get one.

Please note that before making use of POS, there are some factors you need to put into consideration. Although, it is not that easy to get hold of one POS machine in Nigeria.  Hence, they are mostly issued by the banks because without the bank’s authorization, the machine won’t be much useful.

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POS Machine

POS Machine

What Are The Types of POS Machines? 

Having known what POS Machines really is, the big question now is what are the types of machines. It is important we make it known to you that there is a wide spectrum of POS machines with many types of ancillary hardware and software which is capable of serving its respective users. But note that we have major three types of POS Machines which will be highlighted below.

1. Countertop POS Machine

Have it in mind that this countertop POS Machine is usually stationary and connected through a dial-up connection or Local Area Network (LAN) line. It is also one of the easiest ways to process credit cards.

2. Retail POS Machine

We also have the retail POS Machine which simply has specialized software that typically connects through a gateway. Please know it that this goes to people who record huge traffic/customers in their businesses such as restaurants, entertainment, and museums where inventory tracking management software is been needed.

3. Mobile POS Machine

The 3rd POS Machine on my list is the mobile POS machine, Its hardware is been connected to a merchant’s mobile phone in a situation where the merchant is in a non-stationary position such as a food truck vendor or a door-to-door salesman.

Other Features Of  POS Machine in Nigeria

1. Veeda Smart POS Machine
POS Machines

POS Machines

Key Features

  • Intel Professional POS Industrial Motherboard
  • Intel Atom D525 Dual-Core, 1.8Gz Central Processing Unit
  • HDD: 32GB SSD MSATA expandable
  • Direct Rambus (DDR3) 2GB RAM Memory expandable to 4GB
  • A 5 Wire Resistive Touchscreen of 15.6 inches. It’s also waterproof
  • The weight of 3kg.
2. Touchscreen Retail/ Restaurant POS Machine
POS Machines

POS Machines

Key Features

  • Intel Fanless CPU
  • 320GB Storage and 2GB Memory
  • Works with Windows 7 or 10
  • Simple sales receipt view interface
  • Track customer info and purchase history
  • Generate and print barcode
  • Easy integration with POS Peripherals
  • Single Resistive Touch Screen
  • Weight of 0.5kg

How to Buy POS Machines from Banks in Nigeria

We will be lecturing you on how you can be able to buy a POS Machine in Nigeria. Before you can obtain a POS machine in Nigeria, have it at the back of your mind that POS Machines are not always rear and easy to see or find because most POS Machines you find are been issued by the banks.

Before proceeding to buy a POS Machine, have it at the back of your mind that you’ll be directed to get an offline or online form. However, this is not a standard procedure. Please note that the procedures for obtaining a POS Machine in Nigeria are dependent on your various banks. We will be looking at various procedures for some selected banks in Nigeria below.

First Bank

Getting your POS Machine from First Bank, make sure to have an account with them. All you have to do is to simply visit the retail department of any FirstBank branch, request and complete the POS request form. After that, you will have to wait for just a week for you to get our machine.

=> Download First Bank Mobile App

Zenith Bank

Before obtaining a POS Machine from Zenith Bank, make sure you have a current account for a minimum of six months prior to your application. Below are the Info required for you to fill in the application form.

  • Business Owner Account Number
  • Business Email Account
  • Phone Numbers and
  • Other minor details

It is important we make it known to you that the duration of processing is usually 72 hours. On the other hand, You’ll be required to email the filled form to possupportunit@zenithbank.com. After which you will be required to sign up for the POS agreement document with the bank.

=> Download Zenith Bank Mobile App


Before Purchasing a POS Machine from SKYE Bank, you are been required to own active savings and current accounts in other to apply for the Machine. you only need to fill an agreement form and then wait for 14 days after which you’ll get your machine.

=> Download Diamond Bank Mobile App


Obtaining POS Machine From GTBank,  you must also have an active account for at least six months. Then you will be required to fill the form via @gtbank.com or it will be submitted to the officer in charge. Of course, you’ll have to sign a POS agreement form.

=> Download GTBank Mobile App


With the above comprehensive article, you know how to purchase Your POS Machine without any form of worry. Do you have any questions regarding this article? make it known to us via the comment box below. Please make use of 5 seconds of your time to share this article with family and friends with any of the share buttons below.

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