Polaris Bank happens to be one of the best banks you can simply make use of In Nigeria and nationwide. Be rest assured that the bank has really been impressive, and their sole aim is to make sure their customers get the best out of everything they do each day.

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Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Currently, things are now getting better each day considering the fact that customers can now stay right from the comfort of their homes and get things done and dusted. With Polaris bank transfer code you can now make your respective transactions anytime and any day without stress.

On this portal, we will be sharing with you all on the detailed information you should know about Polaris transfer code, how you can make use of it, and the simple services you can equally achieve when you make use of it. All I need from you now is for you to kindly read down to know how it works.

Polaris Smart bank transactions Charges

Before now, you should know that you must pay for every service that is been rendered to you. That happens to be one of the ways banks make their own profits in other to pay up their respective workers. Below are the simple charges on Polaris bank via any transactions you make.

  1. To check your Balance, It cost N10.50
    2. To make transfers via the same bank, it cost N10.50
    3. To make transfers via other banks, it cost you N52.50
    4. You can as well pay bills for N105
    5. You can as well enjoy Bill Payments for N52.50
    6. Fund your Bet9ja account for N52.50
    NOTE: This is to notify you that there are no other charges on *833#.

How to make transfers from Polaris bank to other banks

On this note, I will be sharing you all o the two simple steps you will have to make use of when making transfers to other banks. This guide will really be of great help to you all who wish to make their transfers to other banks. Read down to know how it’s been done.

First Step

  1. Simply dial *833*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *833*3000*2284063890#)
    2. Kindly choose the bank you want to transfer to
    3. Make sure the account name if been verified
    4. Kindly select which of your accounts you want to transfer from
    5. Enter your PIN in other to complete the transaction

Second Steps

  1. Kindly choose *833# and select option 3 (Transfers)
    2. Simply select the account to debit
    3. Choose the receiver’s bank
    4. Carefully enter the Account Number you would like to transfer to and click ‘Send’
    5. Make sure you confirm the Account name and enter the ‘Amount’ to transfer
    6. Enter your pin to complete the transaction.

How to register for Polaris *833# Smart Banking

Have you been convinced and you are meant to open Polaris bank account? Kindly follow the stipulated steps below in other to make it work.

  1. Simply dial *833# from your phone number that is been registered with Polaris Bank
    2. Choose option 6 in other to check your balance
    3. Carefully follow the steps in other to enter your account Number
    4. Make sure you enter any 4 digit number which turns out to be your pin
    5. Your Balance will be displayed
    6. Note that you are now a registered user for *833# Smart Banking.

How to Change Your Pin On *833#

On this note, be rest assured that you will be able to change your pin anytime and anyway at all. Below are the simple steps you must take if you must change your Pin.

  1. With your registered number with Polaris Bank, Dial *833#
    2. Choose option 9
    3. Now press option 1 to change the pin
    4. Now select the account number you would like to change pin for
    5. Kindly enter your current pin or default pin
    6. You will have to enter your new preferred Pin in the ‘New Pin’ field
    7. Finally, Re-Enter your new preferred PIN to confirm.
    8. Done and dusted.

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