Pay Your DStv Subscription is the main gist of today. Today we will talk about How you can be able to pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay App.

Before now, it was revealed from a reliable source that the KongaPay was introduced, which was basically made in collaboration with Nigerian banks specifically with the intention of helping to build the trust between their online shopping store,

That was really a good one indeed. But however, years passed on and KongaPay now supports payments on not just Konga online shopping store, it can as well be used to pay Bills, Buy airtime and pay for cable TV; One of which being DSTv which we will be made known to you in this post.

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Pay Your DSTv Subscription

Pay Your DSTv Subscription

Know it that With KongaPay, you don’t really need a debit cards to make any transaction and also. You can equally pay your DSTv subscription or make payments offline just by scanning QR codes – That is if the merchants support it.

Some will be asking questions on how and what to do. Well, you have no worries, all you need to do is to just simply log in to your KongaPay account using your login details and that’s it. with that medium, You can now pay your DSTv subscription. Once the transaction is done, the money gets debited from your account and your DSTv starts working.

All DStv users should bear it in mind that they can as well set up a standard order on KongaPay to automatically renew your DSTv plan every month as long as you permit it.

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How To Pay Your DSTv Subscription Using KongaPay App

It is important we make it known to you that before you can be able to pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay App, you are been required to download the app if you haven’t already done that.

For you to successfully download the app, you will have to kindly go to your respective apps stores(Google play store for Android and Apple app store for iPhone/iPad) and search for “KongaPay” and Download the App. Once you have the app installed, then you can follow the steps below.

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Kindly follow the steps below

  • Simply Open the KongaPay App and Sign In using your Phone Number and KongaPay Pin. Don’t have an account? Click on Sign up to create one.
  • Click on Services and Select TV Subscriptions.
  • Select DSTv.
  • Input your DSTv SmartCard Number and Tap Continue.
  • There You’ll be taken to a page with the Subscriber Name and other options to complete your payment.
  • Under Bouquet, Choose/Select any of the available Bouquets you would like to subscribe for.
  • Choose how many months you will like to subscribe to Under Select Subscription Duration.
  • Automatically renew the bouquet once it expires by ticking  Tick/Mark the “Auto-Renew Every Month”
  • Please carefully go through your work and make sure you’re okay with the options you provided before you Pay.
  • Once you have clicked Pay, Don’t be surprised, the amount of the DSTv subscription you chose will be debited from your bank account linked to your KongaPay account.

NOTE: It is not that fast as you think because they will have to take some time for DStv to acknowledge the payment and subsequently activate it so be patient.

With the above information strictly adhered to, you can now freely pay your DSTv subscription using KongaPay App. And also know it that you are not limited because you can do a whole lot of other stuff so you might want to explore the app.

I hope you found this article interesting? do well to stay withh us as we do all we can to keep you updated. Do you have any questions? make it known to us via the comment box below.

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