NNU has been one of the simple ways most people make money while seating at home. Considering the era we are into, many people are really looking for what they will do in other to make cool money. In Nigeria, there are so many money-making platforms that made people who they really are today.

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MMM, people made crazy money from the site which easily circulates money from one person to another. Ultimate Cycler also came up which made millions of people millionaires today. All they do is just stay right in your house and Invest your money which will, in turn, be paid to you.

Looking at the recession in the country, NNU came up with an idea of helping finance the youth and adults who are also interested. The platform is really an interesting one tho. One thing that drives me crazy on this platform, you will make money by just reading and commenting on NNU Post/ Articles.

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NNU as a platform simply allows users to read, and comment in other to make money. The site does all they can to make sure that revenue is been shared among readers. Once the month comes to an end, you will have something you will smile home with. It has really been of great help to those jobless people.

How NNU Works

NNU works in a simple transparent way for everybody to understand. You will have to start up with a capital of N1,600, which will be paid to their UBA account. Now seat at home, read, comment, refer people, share their sponsored post on your Facebook timeline, and make your cool money.

It really pays, trust me when I say this. NNU pays you N50 each day you log in. When you comment on any post, you are paid N1. When you refer someone to the platform, you are paid N1,000.

NNU Requirement

Before you talk about joining NNU Income Service, you will have t make sure you are determined to make money at all costs. Talking about the requirement, your zeal required. You will need a smartphone and the capital to start up with. Give it a try, you will not regret it at all.

When Does NNU Pay?

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all that NNU pays you on the 27th of every month that is when you have reached the payment thresh hold of 5,000. Have it at the back of your mind that before you can be paid, you will need to make sure that inside that 5,000, you will refer at least 1 person Coupled with your Nars Earning.

How to Register To NNU Income Service

This post goes to all those who really wish to get started on NNU, kindly follow these simple steps below in other not to make any mistake.

1: Get a smartphone (for Easy navigation) and ensure a good Network coverage
2: Visit the site Url via www.nnu.ng
3: You will have to create your own account and select the package you want to trade on
4: After feeling that form, submit. You will be given an account you will have to pay the sum of N1,600 into
5: Once you have paid, you upload the payment proof for your account to be activated.
6: Once your NNU account has been verified, Start Making money and see how money flows into your dashboard.


NNU is one of the best paying Websites you can simply give out a try. They have been impressive in recent times, give them a try, you will not be disappointed. Hope you found this post interesting. Do well to share with family and friends via any of the share buttons.

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