Nigeria Postal Code will be briefly discussed today in our curtail article. Nigeria is a nation of its self with so many States in it. It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that Nigeria is been divided into six geopolitical zones which include: North East, North West, North Central, South-South, South East, and South West, and also each of the zones are been said to be sharing the same ethnicity and cultural practices.

It is important we bring it to your notice that ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) codes are been said to be only applicable in the United States, this is because the United States does not regard postal codes from other countries as “ZIP” codes.

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Nigeria Postal Code

Nigeria Postal Code

Having taken time to understand how it really works, we came to find out that the Nigerian Postal Service has really categorically divided the country into nine regions with each regional code making up the first digit of the region’s postal code.

Furthermore, the Nigeria Postal code is said to be six numeric digits, know it that the first digit is the regional code with the last three digits thereby representing the delivery location mostly a post office or an urban area. Stay calm, in a comprehensive list we will be listed out all Nigeria Postal Codes In Nigeria.

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Nigeria Postal Code In Nigeria States

>> Abuja postal code: 900001

>> Abia  postal code: 440001

>> Adamawa postal code: 640001

>> Akwa-Ibom postal code: 520001

>> Anambra postal code: 420001

>> Bauchi postal code: 740001

>> Borno postal code: 600001

>> Delta  postal code: 320001

>> Edo postal code: 300001

>>Enugu  postal code: 400001

>>Imo postal code: 460001

>>Jigawa postal code: 720001

>>Kano postal code: 700001

>>Kaduna postal code: 800001

>>Katsina postal code: 820001

>>Kebbi postal code: 860001

>>Kogi postal code: 260001

>>Kwara postal code: 240001

>> Lagos (Island) Nigeria postcode: 101001

>> Lagos zip code: 100242

>> Lagos postal code: 100001

>> Niger postal code: 920001

>> Ogun postal code: 110001

>> Ondo postal code: 340001

>> Osun postal code: 230001

>> Oyo postal code: 200001

>> Plateau postal code: 930001

>> Rivers postal code: 500001

>> Sokoto postal code: 840001

>> Taraba postal code: 660001

>> Yobe postal code: 320001

>> Ebonyi postal code: 840001

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