Moneygram Tracking simply allows you to send, receive and make your respective transactions from any part of the world without any form of stress. It is trusted because it happens to be the safest way to transfer money between two accounts. With this, you are really good to go.

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MoneyGram Tracking

MoneyGram Tracking

Technology has really improved our daily lives with the facilities they made available in either to make things easy for all who want to make use of it. One good thing about this aspect is that you can keep track of the money from either the sender or the receiver’s end which will make your mind be at rest at all times.

Furthermore, MoneyGram has a mobile app that makes it simple to use. Talking about having a mobile app, you can stay right from the comfort of your home with your smartphones and PC (personal computers). To begin with, this, make sure you have an active account with MoneyGram, Just login to view their subsequent and latest transactions.

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How To Send Money From Nigeria To Any Bank Around The world.

Bear it at the back of your mind that MoneyGram Tracking allows its customers to be able to send money directly from their respective bank accounts to other banks around the world. Now for you to be able to send money from any part of the world, you will have to kindly follow the simple steps below in other not to make any mistake.

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1. Kindly Locate any MoneyGram Location that is closer to you.

2. You will have to visit the MoneyGram tracking office with the under listed information;

a, Bring a valid national I.D
b, Please make sure you also bring a full name and the location of the recipient.
c, And the amount of money you intend to send and as well as the transfer charge.

Important Note: Have it at the back of your mind that you will also have to bring the recipient’s bank name and account number, before sending money to them.

3. A form will be given to you and you will have to fill it accordingly by providing the necessary details. Thereafter you will now submit the form to the agent including the plus transfer fee.

4.  Please make sure you safely guide the receipt and send the 8-digit number to the recipient. Which will enable He/her to be able to track and pick up the money when it arrives.

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How To Download MoneyGram Mobile App

Have you been looking for where and how you can simply download this Moneygram App? you have no worries at all. Have it in mind that apps can be downloaded on Google play store and App store. Follow the simple steps below to download the mobile app;

1: Open the Google Play Store or App store

2: Kindly search for Moneygram app

3: Simply Install the app

4: There and then launch the app

5: You will be required to create an account on the app. After that, you can now use it!

Please make sure you go through the manual which will really help you understand how the apps work perfectly. With that, you will not make a mistake.

How to Track Moneygram Transfer Online

In this case, let’s take it that you happends to be the receiver, the sender of the money must have given you the reference number of the transaction. That number alone will enable you to follow the status of the transfer even without having an account on MoneyGram.

1: Simply follow this link

2: You will also need to put your reference or authorization number and your last name on the provided page

3: Having completed the form feeling,  Simply click on the track button below which will now display the status of your transaction.

How To Track MoneyGram Transfer As a Sender

1: Simply visit MoneyGram site and log in to the page

2: You will now have to log in with your user details

3: You can look for the transaction history under  “Recent Activity” which contains all the money transfers you have sent through the system.

4: Kindly click on the right name, Please note that you will as well be able to view the unique transaction history screen corresponding to that person.

How To Receive Money In Nigeria via MoneyGram

It is important we make it known to you all that you can as well be notified that money was sent to you. Furthermore, Bear it in mind that if the money happens to be sent to your bank account, you have no worries then. You will receive alerts then because the money will be automatically credited to your accounts.


With the above article on MoneyGram Tracking, you can now send money to any part of the world without any form of stress. Stay with us we do all we can to keep you updated. Do you have any question regarding this post, make it known to us via the comment box. Please do well also to share this post with family and friends via any of the share buttons.


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