Jailbreak your android smartphone: In this article, we will be sharing with us all some important steps you really need to follow if you want to Jailbreak your Android smartphone without making use of a Laptop(Personal Computer). As technology may have it, the world is galloping to a more advanced era.

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Jailbreak your android smartphone

Jailbreak your android smartphone

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that there are some Android phones which come with an in-built block that goes all out to stop you from modding your phone. The only way you can get passed this is when you jailbreak your phone, it will unlock it totally.

Do not worry about how you can or should jailbreak your android smartphone without the help of a system computer. All to do is kindly read through this content in other to know how it’s been done with the help of the step-by-step guide which we will be providing!

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Make sure Your Phone Is In order

Before you embark on the journey of Jailbreaking your mobile device, you will have to make sure that everything is been put in other. You will need to make sure you back up all your files to avoid losing anyone. Well below are some important things you must do.

  1. Make sure your phone’s model number is verified.
  2. Be rest assured that rooting your phone will cancel your warranty.
  3. Endeavor your files are been completely back up.
  4. Now you will have to kindly enable “Unknown Sources” in “Security.” When you do this,  you will be able to install applications outside of the Play Store and App Store.
  5. Now make sure your phone is on charging.
  6.  Then Make sure your USB debugging is been activated.

Have it at the back of your mind that with the above steps, you can now start rooting your device perfectly!

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Here Are Some Best Root Android Applications

At this stance, we will be lecturing you on some amazing best rooting applications which will really go a long way in helping you jailbreak your android device. You will also need to read down through them in other to locate the one you can simply make use of when doing the whole process step by step.


Talking about one of the best Android rooting application, kingRoot should be greatly considered. Have it at the back of your mind that this application is been loved and appreciated by all who come across it.  We came to find out that the application is been to root all kinds of Android phones which made it have lots of downloads!

Be rest assured that the Rooting app KingRoot will simply root Android phones running versions from 2.2 to 5.0. Know it also that It possesses “Purify” which duty is to make sure your battery is not drained out while on the process.  All you need to do now is to kindly click the screen once to begin the rooting process.

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FramaRoot is another impressive rooting app that allows users to simply root their respective devices just by clicking. We found out that this app is simple to understand and also operate.

Due to its credibility, it has attracted millions of downloads all over the world. Also, It functions for just Android 4.0 and newer versions, Make sure your internet is been connected before you can make use of it. Failure to do that, you might not get what you are looking for.

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Kingo Root

The last best rooting app on my list is the Kingo Root which is very good at jailbreaking your Android phone without any form of problem or issue of any kind.

Considering this rooting app, it appears that there is no Laptop required to really make this happen. The amazing application Kingo Root is said to be capable of rooting almost all Android phones and it also goes on to supports Android Nougat devices.

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With the above information, we are glad that we have been able to lecture you on How To Jailbreak An Android Phone Without A PC. Do you still find it confusing? kindly make it known to us via the comment section below.

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