How To use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria is what we will be talking about today. But before that, it interests us to let you know that Amazon happens to be one of the well trusted Online shopping websites where customers feel free and relaxed to get their respective Products without any form of trouble.

without wasting time, we will be going straight to the point, hence we will be lecturing you how you can be able to make use of Amazon gift cards when purchasing your goods online.

Well its quite unfortunate that some online dealers don’t even know what Amazon Gift Card is all about. Well, its a pleasure we make it known to you that the Amazon gift card is a sure means of payment on the Amazon Website.

Just like we said, Amazon is a very big e-commerce website for buying different products. Also know it that the Amazon Gift Cards is a prepaid card which can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases within the Amazon store.

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How To use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria

How To use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria

Meaning that the Amazon Gift Cards can only be used to purchase goods/products just from Amazon alone. Before going on to make use of this gift card, bear it in mind that there are basically two ways you can be able to make use of the Amazon Gift cards in Nigeria. The first one is to make use of the Gift card for it’s intended purpose.

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When you want to use the Amazon Gift card, all you need to do is just add the gift Card Amount to your Amazon account and using the said balance to shop on the website or on the other hand, you can equally add the code to the space provided during checkout after you must have finished your transaction on the website. In this article, we will be letting you know some certain things on how to shop on Amazon From Nigeria.

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It is a good thing we already made it known to you that all delivery from Amazon to Nigeria isn’t idle as the delivery charges are sometimes more than the price of the product being delivered. So therefore the only way to avoid this is to find an alternative shipping method.

Based on a reliable source, we came to find out that some shopping companies will provide you with a US shipping address which you will input while checking out on Amazon.

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Now when the purchased products must have gotten to the US address, all they will do is to gather all your products coupled with other people’s products as well and ship them all to Nigeria.

Now when the goods have been sent to Nigeria, the respected product owners will now have to split the cost of shipping, which is basically the reason why many people opt for the other way to Use Amazon Gift Cards in Nigeria.

Another way you can do this is by selling your Amazon gift cards to other respective and interested buyers online. Know it that Amazon gift cards are in high demand because many people will prefer the Amazon gift cards to shop on the Amazon Website as the alternative.

Many people don’t really like it when they shop with their local banks simply because the rate most bank gives are usually higher compared to the amount other people are will to sell the Amazon Gift Cards.

Please note that once you’ve found an exchanger willing to buy your Amazon Gift Cards, they will have to pay you in Naira equivalent of the Gift card worth in US Dollars $ depending on the rate you both agreed on.


With the above information, I hope you now know How To use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria. If you have any questions regarding How To use Amazon Gift Cards In Nigeria, don’t hesitate to make it known to us via the comment box below.

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