It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that the leading social media platform Twitter has recently made it known to all about the scheduling tweet and it is a new feature added to their tweeting function. Knowing too well that twitter has really been an amazing platform.

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How To Schedule Your Tweets In Other To Save Time And Stress

How To Schedule Your Tweets In Other To Save Time And Stress

This will really go down well with people who are really interested to reach out to their users even when they are very busy. On this page, we will be sharing with you how to schedule your tweet in other to save time and stress. All you need to do is kindly read down this article in other to know more.

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How to Create Scheduled Tweets

1. You will have to visit their official Portal

2. Go to the tweet tab on creatives > Tweets.

3. Go to the new Tweet button which is located at the top right corner and click it.

4. Note that you will arrive at the place you ought to compose your tweet.

5. Kindly select Promoted-only. This is because when you allow Promoted-only, your tweet will only be delivered to users targeted in a Promoted Tweet campaign.

6. Next, up choose the schedule that you’ll see from the drop-down menu.

7. By scheduling the tweet, you have chosen the date and time you want it published.

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How To Simply manage scheduled Tweet

1. Kindly Login to

2. You will have to locate the creatives > Tweet tab. On this portal, you can view and create Promoted-only, organic and scheduled tweets in campaigns.

3. You can view your scheduled tweets by toggling the drop-down button with the label Promoted-only Tweets and change Scheduled Tweets.

4. Be rest assured that you can as well edit your scheduled Tweet by hovering over the tweet and clicking Edit which is located on the bottom left corner.

5. If you want to delete scheduled Tweet, simply click on the three dots which is situated at the top right corner of your tweet and click Delete from the drop-down menu that will appear.

6. You can as well add or even remove your scheduled Tweet from campaigns by checking the box that’s close to your tweet.

Interesting Reasons For Scheduling Tweets

Below are the reasons why you should consider scheduling your tweets. kindly go through them in other to get it done once and for all.

1. You will be consistent in posting

It’s a pleasure we make it known to you all that when you schedule your tweets, you will be posting constantly. All you need to do is kindly make many tweets available. When this is been done, you will now set them on their published days and date as well. This will make it look constantly updated.

2. You, Will, be Able to concentrate on some other things

Are you a busy type? and you feel like setting it up once and for all? you can do all this once. Schedule them on their respective publish date and now concentrate on some other things. You can not afford to spend the whole day posting and making new tweets. Kindly fix them and get your self-other things.

3. You can plan your upcoming campaign

Be rest assured that you can as well promote and make your business known on Twitter.  You can schedule your tweeting, set their date, and make them go live based on the day you chose. This will make your product and good go viral.


Based on the well-constructed article “How To Schedule Your Tweets In Other To Save Time And Stress“, you can now schedule your tweets and enjoy the benefits that come with it. I hope you found this post interesting? kindly do well to share this post with family and friends via any of the share media platforms. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated.

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