You can reset your Chromebook when the need arises. be rest assured that you must learn to update any applications so that they will be constantly updated with the new one. Most of the time, your Chromebook will run very slow and will be unable to give you what you want.

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How To Factory Reset Your Chromebook

How To Factory Reset Your Chromebook

Be rest assured that for those asking ” How to factory reset your Chromebook” we got you covered in this article. Note that your Google account is linked with your chrome book which makes it easy to do backup and then further reset the device.

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Fo those wanting to know if they can retrieve their files, note that it’s possible. Hence, you can restore your pictures, music, movies, files, and lots more to any Chromebook. This is because it’s been linked with your google accounts. Take your time to go down through this article.

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How to quickly BackUp Your Chromebook

You can simply get this thing done and dusted by backing up your data to your Chromebook. Be rest assured that your files will really be in safe hands. It’s important we make it known to you all that the Chromebook is based on Chrome OS.

The Chrome OS is said to be derived from Linux. Have it at the back of your mind that the Chromebook was said to be designed in having limited large storage. Google Drive is the main Place for Storage.

I know how painful it is to lose your important file. That is why it’s important to back up your files. Just click on the small circle which is situated in the lower-left hand corner of the desktop screen. You can also search it out using the search Button.

Two Ways To Back Up your Files

Be rest assured that there are two quick two ways by which you can back-up your files. They are as follows below.

1. Store With Google Drive: Once you store any files on your Google drive, trust us, it’s been stored and secured. Once you have signed into your Google Drive, you will see your files.

2. Store With Storage Devices: You can also make use of some storage devices. Now simply transfer files and folders in the Files App into a USB disk or a Hard Disk Drive. This will help in securing your important files.

How to Factory Reset Chromebook Using HotKeys

Below is the simple way you can factory reset your Chromebook Using Hotkeys. Take your time and follow the steps for a proper view.

1. Carefully log out of the Chromebook located on the system information panel.

2. Once you have logged out, press and hold Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R. You will get a prompt on your screen which reads “Reset this Chrome device”. The message will give you a full guide on how you can do it.

Once you want to factory your device, simply go to setting and click on the button in other to start up the whole process. Do well to confirm your action.

How to Reset Your Chromebook via Settings

You can carry out this same thing using settings. Check out below in other to carry it out smoothly.

1. Do not signout, click on the information panel, go to the settings gear icon and the settings will show up.

2. Scroll down and select  Advanced.

3. Scroll down more and locate the reset options.

Note: The two reset options are:

Reset: All your settings will come to normal, your files will not be deleted.

Powerwash (factory reset): This will wipe out all the files in our Chromebook. Hence you will lose all of them. Once this is properly done using our guide, It will really help you out full time.

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