How to Enable Dark Mode on Telegram will be the full gist of today as we make time to lecture you on how you can simply enable dark mood on Telegram. It’s important we make it known to you all that we have shared with our readers on Facebook Dark Mood and WhatsApp dark mood.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Telegram

How to Enable Dark Mode on Telegram

Telegram happens to be one of the best social media you can as well make use of in Nigeria and Nationwide. They have really established themselves as one of the best of them all. Now on this portal, we will be sharing with you all how you can simply go about setting your telegram in a dark mood.

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How to simply set your theme on Telegram

This goes to all Android users, just click on hamburger icon. There you will locate the icon at the top left. Once the hamburger menu opens, tap Settings in the option, and then Chat Settings.

This goes to all iPhone users. All you need to do now is simply click on Settings located at the bottom right of the screen. Now from the settings screen, click on Appearance.

Android users should tap the hamburger icon. You’ll see the icon at the top left. After the hamburger menu opens, tap Settings in the option, and then Chat Settings

With the above tips, you are just good to go with the Telegram theme changing.

Telegram themes you can find in iOS

  • Night: Here you see the dark gray background with a black background
  • Day Classic: Here you see green and white bubbles with a gray-themed background
  • Day: Here you see a dark blue and gray bubbles with a white background
  • Night Blue: This consist of dark blue and dark gray bubbles with a dark blue background

Telegram themes you can find On Android

  • Default:
  • Blue:
  • Dark Blue:
  • Dark:
  • Arctic Blue:

Note:  All you need to do here is kindly tap on any of the telegram themes you need, And it will be enabled on your telegram app. Trust me, you will defiantly like it. You can as well share with your friends

Creating New Themes on Telegram

All Android users are been expected to click on the ellipsis icon located on the top right, and then tap Create New Theme. be rest assured that you will be asked to select Create Theme to confirm the action you are about to take. After you must have selected it, kindly give it a name and then save it.

Coming down to iOS users, they can also do that by just selecting a color theme and then tweaking the chat background colors to suit your taste. With the above thing been properly done, You are good to go.


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