Instagram is a platform where people interact and chat up with family and friends. As you all know, Instagram happens to be one of the top and most popular social media platform which is mostly used by smartphone users

It interests us to let you know that currently, Instagram now has a version of the app called IGTV: Instagram TV. The new app, know it that the IGTV allows creators to share videos of more than the standard limit of 2 minutes.

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How To Clear Instagram Search History

How To Clear Instagram Search History

It has been discovered that most people spend more time on Instagram which also saw them making use of the search option in the explore section.

Note that when you reach for an Instagram name, it has been revealed that the popular social media channel Instagram records and saves the search. Well, it is really not a problem you know because this is mainly done in order to pull up that profile faster when next you use the Search option.

In this article, we will be lecturing you how you can be able to clear your Instagram search history. All you need to d is to simply follow the simple steps below in other to achieve that.

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How To Clear Instagram Search History

>>Before Anything, you have to make sure you have an active internet Connection or Connected to a strong WiFi.

Launch the Instagram App and Make sure you’re logged in.

>>Then go on to click on your profile located at the bottom right corner of the screen which takes you to your profile.

>>Now go on to tap the three lines at the top right corner of the screen if you’re using an Android device or can equally click on the Gear Icon if you’re using an iOS or Windows device.

>>When you taped the Three lines/Gear Icon, A Menu will slide out. Then tap Settings at the bottom side of the right tab.

>>Carefully Look for “Search History” and click on it. Next, Press “Clear Search History

With the above steps, you have succeeded in clearing your search history on Instagram. The report has it that some people are still having issues making use of the above steps. If you belong to those categories of persons, you will have to try this PLAN B below.

PLAN B Ways To Clear Instagram Search History

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all that if you have finally cleared your search history and it seems not to be going out, you have no worries at all, just try restarting your smartphone or device. if you still restart and if happens to remain, you will then have to log out and log in again.

With that, it often solves the problem and clears the search history. Some clearing seams to be very harsh, some will end up clearing even the date and cache of the Instagram app and Re-Login or completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app. All have been knowing to clear Instagram history.


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