How To Check Airtel Phone Number is the main gist of today, But before that, know it that based what we gathered, we came to realize that some persons normally forget their phone numbers and at some point, they will really be in need of it. We are here to settle that case in this comprehensive article.

Without wasting much time, we will be talking about the various ways an Airtel subscriber can use the means of USSD, SMS, and more to know their phone numbers.

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How To Check Airtel Phone Number

How To Check Airtel Phone Number

How To Know Your Phone Number on Airtel

Today Techbams will be looking at 4 comprehensive ways by which you can check your Airtel phone number without any form of stress.

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Dial a USSD Code to Know Your Airtel Number

In this area, you really don’t have issues you know? You can get to know your Airtel data plan with you just dialing the ussd code below. All the codes are been said to be working perfectly. They are  (*121*9) (*282#)(*140*1600#)(*140*175#)(*141*123#)(*400*2*1*10#)  Respectively. When you must have tried these codes, you will surely see the one that will work for you.

Calling or Texting a Friend

This method is very simple, All you are just required to do is to simply get your phone recharged with airtime if you don’t have and try calling your friend with your phone in which the sim card is in. You will see your phone number on your friend’s phone.

Calling  Airtel Customer Care

It is a pleasure we make it known to you all that in as much as every network operator would definitely have their customer care representative on standby to serve her customers, you can seize the opportunity to ask them what your Airtel Phone Number is by calling their Lines. Know it that you can call Airtel Nigeria by dialing 111 or 121 from your Airtel phone.

Call Me Back Option 

You really don’t have issues at all you know? Because every telecom network provided it, users, with free call me SMS so did Airtel. What I am trying to let you know is that you can as well know your airtel number by making use of their call be back option.

Know it that in other to make use of Airtel Call me back, you will have to simply dial is *141*8*recipient number#.

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With the above article, you now know how to get your phone number without stress. Are you still confused about how to? make it known to us via your comment box below.

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