In a well brief content, we will be talking about how you can simply Activate/Deactivate Siri on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR without any form of trouble. All you need to do is to simply go down through the comprehensive article to get the full list.

Now, talking about Siri, it is important we bring it to your notice that it happens to be a voice assistant which is been developed by Apple, Also know it that it is the virtual assistant that is found on all Apple products, be it iPhones, iPads, MacBooks respectively.

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How To Activate/Deactivate Siri on iPhone

How To Activate/Deactivate Siri on iPhone

Have it at the back of your mind that in the previous iPhones, the Siri was activated just by you holding the home button. Now in our current dispensation, it is no longer like that hence there is a new mode of activation.

It is a pleasure we bring it to your notice that the existence of an infinity display on the iPhone XS, XR, and XS Max is said to kill the existence of the home button, which is basically due to the absence of sufficient bottom chin.

Now, all you need to do is to just make use of certain gestures and buttons, then hitting it because that’s if you do not want to activate or deactivate Siri using your voice. We will be going straight to the article itself. Kindly read through to understand what we are talking about.

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How To Activate Siri on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

In spite of the home button being removed, have it at the back of your mind that Siri can still be summoned just by your voice. In other to achieve this, take note that All you need to do is to yell ”Hey Siri” to your iPhone. This is the way it works.

Some persons will maybe find themselves in a Noisey area or environment, and you wouldn’t want people around you to know that you are making use of Siri. If that area is noisy, you might find it hard to use the voice unlock. Now if you are in such a situation, you will have to try a Second method that will make it work.

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Activating Siri on iPhone XS, XS Max and XR Using The Power Button

It is important we make it known to you that among all the list of innovations which are all made by Apple in the new set of iPhones, the ability to summon Siri makes it exceptional and awesome. If you ask me categorically, I will tell you that, You can simply activate Siri by just making use of your power button. All you need to do is to simply press and hold the power button for some time seconds and Siri will pop up.

How To DeActivate Siri on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR

After lecturing you all o how to activate Siri, the big question now is how you can deactivate the Siri on iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. Well, know it that it is very simple. Just exit Siri after you are done using it to swipe up from the bottom.

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