Good Night Prayer is something you should learn how to do considering how dangerous Nights are and also good night prayer quotes. Just like we said in our Previous Article on the Importance of Prayers. You can simply pray for your family members, Yourself, your lovers, and well-wishers.

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Good Night Prayer

Good Night Prayer

We will be sharing with you here some respective short prayers you can always say on behalf of your lovers, your family, and lots more when you want or before going to bed. Please, all you need to do is to kindly read through this article in other to choose One.

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Good Night Prayer for my Love

As you close your eyes to sleep, I pray for the angels of God to watch over you. Amen

Forget every disappointment you experienced today, tomorrow will surely be better. Do have a peaceful night, my love.

The path of the righteous keeps shining brighter and brighter. Today’s glory is nothing compared to what tomorrow will bring. Have a beautiful night, my love. Sweet dreams.

As you lay to sleep, may your strength be renewed. May you be rejuvenated to face the days ahead. Sleep tight, my love.

The good work the Lord has started in your life will not stop until it is fully accomplished. Sleep peacefully, my love. God’s got you.

I have said a prayer for you my darling. Go to bed in peace. In Jesus Name!

May the angels of the Lord watch over you as you sleep. May every one of your enemies be scattered and put to shame. Good night my love.

I pray for you as you are about to sleep, No weapon formed against you shall Propers. Sleep Tight God Be with you.

I pray for you this night that you shall sleep and wake up like the Eagle. Amen

Good Night Prayer for My Love

My Love Know that “He keepeth in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on him”. As you keep your mind on the Lord, may He keep you in perfect peace tonight and always. Good night Baby Girl

May the Lord keep you secured like Zion’s mount. May it be well with you in Jesus’ name.

May the angels of the Lord surround you, to keep watch over you. May their presence scare away every demon and keep you safe from every danger. Sleep well Honey

Before day breaks, every impossibility in your life and work shall be made possible in Jesus’ name. Do have a pleasant night my love.

Go to bed and sleep. I assure you, everything shall be better in the morning. Have a sweet night, my love.

As you sleep tonight, I pray your dreams are filled with life-changing solutions to every one of your challenges. Have a victorious night.

My love as you lay to sleep, you shall wake up like a tree planted by the waterside. Amen

As you sleep to dream of God and His angels, You know I cannot hear you less.

His angels shall watch over you as you rest this night, I shall not lose you my love to endless sleep

Goodnight Prayer

In as much as God brought you home, He will also safe Guide you as you lay to sleep

He will send his angels to watch over the 4 corners of the bed as you sleep. Amen

God will grant you peace of mind as you close your eyes to sleep in Jesus’ Name!

You will not have any bad dream that will take your life, My God shall protect you Amen

bedtime prayers in the bible

Tho the Devil moves to and fro looking for Who to devour, My God will Hide you under his wings

God will give you more ideas and inspiration in your sweet sleep. Amen

My God will hide you from the arrow that flies by night. Good night and sleep well.

As you lay to sleep tonight, may God replenish your strength to face another day. Goodnight to you, my knight in shining armor.

As you sleep, may the Lord guide you. No evil shall befall your dwelling place. Amen.

You will wake up like an eagle. No harm shall befall you this time. You are one in a million. Amen!

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