Etisalat(9Mobile) is really impressive in terms of data plans. Today we will be highlighting the complete list of all Etisalat tariff plans. Well, Bear it in mind that the various Etisalat tariff plans are suited for a wide range of subscribers. So therefore you need not be afraid because, in this article, we will be giving details of all the 9mobile tariff plans currently available.

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Etisalat Tariff Plans

Etisalat Tariff Plans

All The Etisalat Tariff Plans In Nigeria

  • 9mobile Moretalk (You & me)
  • 9mobile Morecliq
  • 9mobile Moreflex
  • 9mobile more life complete
  • 9mobile cliqlite

It is important we make it known to you that you can as well access all these Etisalat Tariff Plans directly on a phone by dialing *200# or calling 200 and also replying with the appropriate number for the plan you choose to migrate to.

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1: We Have Etisalat  Moretalk (You & Me)

In this plan, you are been allowed to make calls even when you must have exhausted your data plan. This plan is well known as You&Me. And also, the You&Me Etisalat Tariff Plans to allow you to register Etisalat numbers that will be able to pay And for your calls to them when you run out of airtime.

Note that you will really need to add 268 before the number of the receiver you want to pay for your call and then dial it.  Let’s be more candid, if you want to call 08092233344 and you want the owner of the number to pay, simply dial 26808092233344, just as simple as that.

Note the 9mobile Moretalk call rates

Bear it in mind that all calls made to all networks will be charged at N40k/s, Although, once you make use of up to N25 in a day, the call rate will be dropped to N25k/s.

How to migrate to 9mobile Moretalk

For those interested to migrate to the Moretalk Etisalat Tariff Plans, all you need to do is just dial 200 and press 1 when the answering machine starts speaking. While if you are an old user, you can migrate to Moretalk by dialing *244*2#.

For you to take part in You&Me number: Simply Dial *233*1*9mobileNumber#.

While if you feel like removing a registered You&Me number: Simply Dial *233*2*9mobileNumber#.

You can as well view all your registered You&Me numbers by Dialing *233#.

Note Terms and Conditions: It has not been officially stated you can only register up to 5 9mobile numbers for You&Me.

And also you will be allowed to enjoy free 10MB and N100 for your first recharge of N100 in a week. While a recharge of N200 gives you free N300 to call your five You&Me numbers.

2: We have Etisalat Morecliq

As a die-hard user, know that Morecliq plan offers various bonuses for call and data bundle plans as well. In this plan, subscribers are been allowed to choose which bonus he wants. Note this, as a subscriber you can get 200MB of data for just N100, which is said to be valid for 7 days. TO activate this plan, simply dial *229*10*11#.

It is a good thing we make it known to you that you as well enjoy the 350% bonus on recharge of N100 and above and 250% on recharge below N100, Which can only be used for on-net calls, i.e. to only 9mobile numbers. Subscribers will also get a 100% bonus on some selected data plans.

This Plan Also allows you to enjoy an amazing free 1GB data which can be used to surf the Internet throughout the night when you recharge at least N700 in a week. Not only that, but you can also get 150MB free on a recharge of N200, and 350MB when you recharge another N300 in the same week.

Subscribers Are been allowed the chance to get 250MB for N50 from 12 AM and 5 AM. You can get the night plan by dialing *229*10*10#.

How to migrate to 9mobile Morecliq

This is to inform the new users that they can simply dial 200 and press 2, while if you are already an existing subscriber, you are been expected to dial *244*1# or use the my9mobile app. While if you really want to subscribe to any of the above packages, dial *545# before you recharge.

9mobile Morecliq call rates

Note Default package – N40k/s on main account & N50k/s on bonus account.

You can get a 250% bonus package – N40k/s on the main account & N50k/s on the bonus account.

You can as well Get a 350% bonus package – N50k/s on main and bonus accounts.

Note that Free browsing on the 9mobile mobile portal is real, there is no harm in trial.

3: We have the 9mobile Moreflex

To all 9mobile users, I have a piece of good news, it is a pleasure we make it open to you that in this Moreflex, It gives you the chance to enjoy a 300% bonus when you buy the N300, N500, and N1000 bundles and higher plan as well. Note that The bundles and bonuses are just a combination of data and airtime.

Etisalat Moreflex bundles

BundleBundle costActivation codeMoreflex value2 for 1 promo valueValidity period
Moreflex 300₦300*344*300#₦900 talk time + 50MBNA7 days
Moreflex 500₦500*344*500#₦1,500 talk time + 75MBNA7 days
Moreflex 1000₦1,000*344*1000#₦3,000 talk time + 150MBNA14 days
Moreflex 2000₦2,000*344*2000#₦5,000₦15,00030 days
Moreflex 4000₦4,000*344*4000#₦12,500NA30 days
Moreflex 5000₦5,000*344*5000#₦12,500₦37,50030 days
Moreflex 10000₦10,000*344*10000#₦32,500NA30 days
Moreflex 20000₦20,000*344*20000#₦62,500NA30 days

You can simply migrate to the Moreflex Etisalat Tariff Plans by dialing  *344*X# or send X to 344. In case you don’t know, the bundles are renewed automatically, so to opt-out and stop auto-renewal of Moreflex bundles, dial *344*0#. To check bundle balance, dial *232#.

Moreflex call rates: when you make calls to all networks, you are been charged at N40k/s

4: 9mobile Morelife complete

In this plan, you are been allowed to call all networks in Nigeria and seven foreign countries such as USA, UK, Canada, China, India, Germany & Malaysia just at N15k/s for a daily access fee of N5.

Note that when you must have paid the daily access fee for 20 days in a month, you stand a chance to get 15 minutes worth of airtime for calls to other 9mobile numbers, and 15 minutes of free browsing.

In this plan, you will not only make calls, you will also receive free incoming calls from selected countries such as USA (T-mobile), Uk (Vodafone), UAE (Etisalat), South Africa (Vodacom), Spain (Vodafone), Ghana (Vodafone), Kenya (Safaricom), France (Orange), Saudi Arabia (Mobily), Morocco (IAM), Netherlands (T-mobile), Germany (T-mobile), Turkey (Turkcell), & Egypt (Vodafone)], especially when you recharge N5000 and above in a month.

NOTE: As a user, you can simply migrate to 9mobile Morelife complete, by just dialing *620*1# or send 1 to 620.

5: We have the 9mobile Talk zone

Talk zone gives you discounts on airtime and call tariffs based on the current time. However, note that you can only enjoy the bonuses available on this tariff plan only to 9mobile lines only. Calls to other 9mobile lines are made at N12k/s between 12:30 AM and 4:30 AM.

To migrate to 9mobile talk zone, Simply dial *244*8#.

6: We Have the 9mobile Cliqlite

Cliqlite offers learning resources and materials for development at low rates.

Here are the numerous benefits available on Cliqlite:

  • You will get 10mb on your First recharge of N100 in a week and also free access to five educational sites and two social platforms.
  • Free N200 airtime top-up on birthday (Make sure you made it known during registration).
  • 100% data bonus on purchase of monthly data plans between 200MB and 10GB which can be used Bonus can be used to explore five educational sites and two social platforms.
  • 1 minute of free calls to Easycliq and Cliqlite subscribers when you receive up to five minutes of calls from other networks.
  • One free SMS to 9mobile lines for every one SMS sent.
  • New Cliqlite subscribers get a 250% bonus on every recharge to call all networks.

Cliqlite call Rates!

Please it is important you know it that all calls are charged at N40k/s, but the rates are reduced when you use up to N25 in a day. Then, calls to other cliqlite subscribers are charged at N20k/s, and 9mobile numbers are been charged at N25k/s and other networks N30k/s.

For new users, to migrate to 9mobile Cliqlite, dial 200 and select 5, while the old users are expected to dial *244*10#.  For the interested candidate, you can purchase the Cliqlite tablet which costs at 48,000 NGN. It is been pre-loaded with applications and materials for learning, and also allows parents to monitor the activities of their children online.

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