Etisalat Data Subscription Code is what we will be talking about, Etisalat is really wonderful in terms of data plans. Source has it that Etisalat data plan isn’t the cheapest and not the most expensive data plan.

The simple truth there is that the network coverage and download speed are really awesome.  If you are listing the best data plan producers in Nigeria, You will not fail to include Etisalat data plans and Etisalat Data Subscription Code. Which makes it suitable for both light and heavy users.

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Etisalat Data Subscription Code

Etisalat Data Subscription Code

Therefore today we will be updating you all the Etisalat subscription codes for the most popular Data bundles for the Etisalat network, which will enable you to know the one you are to go for. Note this Etisalat data plan can simply be used on all gadgets which include Android, iPhone, tablet, laptop, or Modem, etc.

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Etisalat Data Plan and Sub Codes in Nigeria

We will be looking at the Etisalat data plans and their respective subcodes, which will enable you to activate them accordingly.

Etisalat Daily Internet Bundles

Etisalat Weekly Internet Plan

Etisalat Monthly Data Bundles

Etisalat Daily Data Plans

These bundles are for users that are on a tight budget and need great alternatives instead of monthly subscriptions.

Get Etisalat 10MB For N50

This Etisalat plan is suitable for light internet users. And valid for 1 day

To subscribe to this plan simply dial *229*3*8#

Get Etisalat 50MB For  N100

This Data Plan Etisalat offers you a 50MB  data plan for browsing valid for 1 day (24hours).

To Activate simply Dial *229*1#

Etisalat Weekly Data Plans

Below are the respective weekly data plans you really need to know. Check it out and kindly subscribe to it.

Obtain Etisalat 200MB For N200

This data plan is cheap and affordable. This Etisalat weekly plan gets you 200MB with just N200.

Interesting right? well to get 200MB for as little as N200 valid for 7 days.

Dial *229*2*10# Or Text LCD2 to “299”

Etisalat Monthly Data Plans

Are you Looking for an internet packet to see you through the month?

Sure the monthly internet packages will suit your data use.

Get Etisalat 500MB For  N500

Note that you can use this plan for your laptop, modem, laptop, and Pc, valid for 30  days.

To activate this plan, Dial *229*2*12# Or Text LCD2 to “299”

Obtain Etisalat 1GB Data Plan

You can get 1 GB Etisalat data bundle plan for this plan.

To get this plan for 30 days.

Dial *229*2*7#

Get The Etisalat 5GB For N1,200

Well the Etisalat’s 1.5GB  of data for N1,200 is more expensive compared to MTN, GLO & AIRTEL data plan

To get 1.5MB worth of Etisalat data.

Dial *229*2*25# Or Text AND11 to “229”

Valid for 30 days.

Enjoy etisalat Get 2.5GB For N2,000

Note that Etisalat did a great job of making the 2.5GB affordable, despite the price, Etisalat can still improve on this offer.

To subscribe to 2.5GB for N2,000

Dial  *229*2*8# Or Text AND2 to “299”

This plan is valid for 30 days.

Obtain Etisalat 3.5GB For N2,500

You will be given 3.5GB for just 2,500 NGN.  that’s a good deal.

To activate this plan, simply dial  *229*2*26# Or Text AND2 to 299

Obtain Etisalat 5GB For N3,500

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With just N3,500 you can get up to 5GB of data plan for your browsing, valid for 30 days (1 Month)

To Subscribe this plan Dial *229*2*9# Or Text AND3 to “229”

Obtain Etisalat 11.5GB For just N8,000

With this plan, you stand a chance to enjoy 11.5 GB for just 8,000 NGN. Considering how expensive data plans were, I’d say Etisalat Nigeria have really tried to put smiles on the faces of their users.

To subscribe to this plan,

Dial *229*5# Or Text MB6 to “229”

Valid for 30 days.

Enjoy Etisalat 27.5GB for N18,000

You will have to pay the sum of N18,000 to get 27.5GB worth of data. To activate this plan, simply dial *229*4#

Or Text SM3 to “229”

Obtain a whooping Etisalat 100GB for N84,992

This Etisalat plan and Etisalat Data Subscription Code is meant for heavy users only and it is valid for 30 days. With this plan, you go on a downloading spree.

To subscribe Dial *229*4*5#

Or Text SM5 to “229”

How to Deactivate Etisalat packages for internet

All users should be able to know that they can as well deactivate any plan on your Etisalat Network, by Simply Dialing *229*0#.

Ways to check your Etisalat data plan balance

Here are the codes to check the Etisalat data usage.

  • To Check Etisalat data plan balance: Simply text Bal to 228
  • To check Etisalat airtime plan via USSD code: Simply dial *228#
  • For Blackberry Etisalat Subscribers, Simply Dial *399*2# to check your BIS data balance.

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