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Today without wasting much time, we will be looking at the best inverter batteries you need to know. It is a pleasure we make it known to you all that getting an inverter for your home or office might seem like a strange thing to acquire but the truth is that you get a good inverter battery isn’t that easy.

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Best Inverter Batteries

Best Inverter Batteries

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It is no doubt that everybody needs nothing but the best in whatever they are doing. Well as a  team, we will be listing the best Inverter batteries to buy in Nigeria.

I don’t advise you to just jump into any battery at all, you must be careful when choosing one for your self so as much as not making any mistake that will make you regret later.

Because if you fail to be careful, you might end up buying a battery that will explode when you want to charge a device with your inverter.

Please, it is important you know it the battery capacity you want or the battery capacity required by your inverter before you think of getting one for your self.

Now, the big question is what type of battery do I need? Know that there are two types of Inverter batteries, it is your duty to know the one that best suits you.

Please before getting an inverter, you need to know the total load in Watts before buying the battery. What gadgets or equipment do you charge or power up with the inverter?

Get To know the Types of Inverter Batteries

Please listen up, Bear it in mind that we have types of inverter batteries namely Flat Plate battery and the Tubular battery. It is no doubt that these two batteries are completely different when it comes to safety, efficiency, battery life, maintenance, and price, which saw them being built on different internal technology as well.

Going down to the Flat Plate battery, know it that it packs positive and negative plates, the battery has a lifespan of just 3 years only. And also, when it comes to efficiency, the Flat Plate battery isn’t really that impressive. but one thing I like about it is that it is very easy to maintain and weighs less as well. It’s so cheaper than the Tubular battery.

On the other hand, the Tabular battery has a positive tube and a negative plate that has a lifespan is typically 5 years, and more especially, it will serve you well tho depending on how you use it.

One thing that makes me happy about this one is that it has a very high power efficiency. One funny truth here is that the Tabular battery weighs a ton and not really easy to maintain. Plus it’s also expensive compared to Flat Plate battery as well.

Best Tubular Inverter Batteries

Below is the comprehensive list of the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2018.

1. Luminous ILTT 26048

This battery has the power of converting chemical energy into electrical energy. And also it equally has tall tubular plates that offer power efficiency. Know it that it comes with 48 months manufacturer warranty and weighs 65.6kg and a whooping electrolyte volume of 41.5 Liters and 220Ah capacity respectively.

2. Su-Kam Big Warrier Series

Many people really love this one just because the Big Warrier Series from Su-Kam happens to be a powerhouse. Of a truth, It’s one of the best Inverter batteries to buy in 2020, which comes with a tubular-plate technology that enables it to deliver a larger amount of consistent and reliable power. Even under extreme temperature conditions, it can withstand long and frequent power cuts.

3. Su-Kam Big Conqueror Series

The Su-Kam is been built with a tubular-plate technology which also delivers consistent power as well. Know it that it has really increased the power of its efficiency which expands the battery life and makes it last longer.

Of a truth, the Su-Kam boasts of a DARAMIC separator that constantly provides high porosity and as well a very low electrical resistance, and excellent oxidation resistant respectively. This particular one happens to be one of the best as well in the battery series.

4. Su-Kam Bazooka

having looked at this inverter battery, we came to find out that the Bazooka Series battery is the most compact Tall Tubular battery with global acceptability.

It is a good thing It comes with extra thick spines cast at high pressure to ensure minimum corrosion for reliability, extra-long life. know it that It also boasts of micro-porous ceramic vent plugs with float guide indicators as well.

5. Amazon Current CRTT180

The Amazon Current is just friendly with any brand of Inverter you have. Please note that It also gives you a hassle-free experience with also a wonderful high heat resistant Calcium/ultra. The truth here is that It doesn’t lose water that easily. So you have no much worries in terms of maintenance.

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