Best Games For PS4 is the current gist of today, but before that, today Techbams will be briefly talking about the best PS4 games you will really like to play.

But before that, it is a pleasure we make it known to you that the PlayStation 4 is Sony’s greatest triumph. Due to its great achievement so far. It is widely believed that it’s boasted other best games that were extracted from Sony Console.

Well, bear it in mind that the PS4 has gotten many apps & features compared to any other gaming console. having known about this game for a while, we came to realize the PS4 had been sold to over 73 million users across the globe, with its demand increasing in fast rate as the day goes by.

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PS4 has proved many doubters wrong and it will still go on to prove them more wrong that it has better things to offer compared to its only bitter rival “Xbox One”, in sales, but yet not officially confirmed. Note that the PS4 is believed to be over 30 million marks at a spot.

This new game came on after the official announcement of a successor to PS3 in the conference on 20th February 2013, which made it to be launched and now gone viral to North America, South America, Australia, Japan & Europe respectively.

Without wasting much time, we will be going straight to the point.  Here we will be offering all game lovers the PS4 assorted games which they will really love. Below Is the comprehensive list of best PS4 games you will love to play.

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1: Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

The next one my list is The Song of Life which was developed and published by Sega for PS4 (PlayStation 4). please note that It’s titled with exploration mixed together with arcade-style over extreme blood and guts. When playing the game, have it at the back of your mind that Kazuma Kiryu the character you’re going to embody –arrives as the matchless playable character –Yakuza 6:

Having gone through the game, we came to find out that the song of life features multifold locations such as Tokyo, Onomichi, Kamurocho, and Hiroshima Prefecture.  Enter the “Dragon Engine” as you advance in the world of Yakuza like crazy –The Dragon of Dojima is back.

it is a good thing we bring it to your notice that It is actually the seventh main entry of the Yakuza series of adventurousness & action-packed games. many will be asking when the game was released, Well this is to inform you that this video game was released in December 2016 in Japan. On that first day of its launch, it had a great sales of over 218, 168 copies and on 23rd December, its sold number increases to 262, 760 copies in the region, and it is still growing to date.

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2: Detroit: Become Human.

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

The 3rd one on my list is the Detroit: Become Human which is an adventure game that was developed by Quantic Dream and published by top-rate Sony interactive Entertainment for PS4. And this Play was said to be launched worldwide on the 25th of May, 2020

Know it that Detroit is a city regenerated by the intro of tremendously advanced technology –Androids –that only exist to serve mankind. With your smartphones, you will really enjoy this game due to its unique abilities and amazing missions you will need to undergo.

To all those interested in this game, note it that your decisions will dramatically affect how the gameplay goes –you have thousands of choices of ends to make and that alters the future of Detroit.

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3:  Vampyr.

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

To all game lovers, it is a pleasure we make it known to you all the 4th game on my list here which is the Vampyr. Have it at the back of your mind that this is another compulsive PlayStation 4 RPG (action role-playing game) to be played from a third-person perspective.

having gone through the amazing game, we found out that the player of this game shall embody the avatar “Jonathan E. Reid” which is the game’s protagonist –a physician. Dr. Jonathan Reid is a doctor who was a made vampire, and his thirst for blood as all vampire should, compels him to kill innocent souls.

But Know it that as a doctor, his dilemma is quite challenging unlike what other normal doctors face. You’ve been cursed to feed on your patients.

In other to feed successfully, players must probe in matters to gather info about their target –a collection of clues, maintaining relationships by creating comfort with citizens, and alter their habits.

The Mouthwatering PS4 game Vampyr was published by Focus Home interactive but developed by Dontnod Entertainment.

And also is it was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft on 5th June 2018. Have it at the back of your mind that the plots actually relate to how Dr. Jonathan E. Reid, manage to be a vampire as he is torn between the newfound bloodthirsty cravings and the Hippocratic Oath.

4: God of War

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

Here in our 5th list is PS4 game is the God of War, This game is really an interesting one indeed, and it happens to be one of the most spellbinding action-adventure video game published by SIEA and developed by Santa Monica Studio. Asking about when it was launched, know it that it was released on 20th April 2013, For the PS4 console.

Having played the game to my satisfaction, I knew it was something you can’t afford to miss. The PS4 game God of War is an open game. Players can travel across to different locations –but the ability to swim was omitted from the game. Despite that, even critics acclaim the game for its bloodthirsty narrative, compelling world design, characters, breath-taking graphics, and barbaric combating system.

When laying the game, you as a player will embody the same avatar “Kratos” which vengeance against the Gods of Olympus years behind him. Kratos is now a man living in a realm of Norse Monsters & Gods.

In a more advanced explanation, the Kratos has a major change in the uses of his weapon. To those that don’t know, GOod news to you all as he no longer uses the blades of chaos  -a double-chained blade, rather he uses some magical battle ax named “The Leviathan Axe” infuse with the ice elemental magic.

He uses an ax that is achingly stunning with good finishing moves. The ax is being thrown at Pantheon of creatures, gods & monsters –of gritty forests, caves of pre-Viking Norse lover & mountains with a free exploration and discovery. There is no point throwing more lights, Just try it out!

4: Sniper Elite 4

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

The 6th on my list is the Sniper Elite 4, which happens to be one of the savage third-person tactical shooter video games released for Xbox one, PlayStation4 & Microsoft Windows on 14th February 2017, and it was developed by Rebellion Developments.

Having gone through the game, we found out also that the game is just a war zone, with you experiencing the most engrossing tactical third-person combat shooting game with stealth elements as you liberate wartime Italy from the hold of Fascism by your own gameplay decision and epic long-sniper-shots across long-range levels.

In the PS4 game Sniper Elite, you are allowed to make use of 4 players with also the opportunity to explore the awesome Italian peninsula from Mediterranean Coastal towns to an ancient forest, Colossal Nazi megastructures & mountain valleys. All you need to do is to just try it out your self. You will really explain better.

6: Battlefield 1.

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4


The 7th on my list is Battlefield 1. which is an adrenaline first-person shooter video game that has gotten positive remarks by critics and was seen as an upgrade over the previously installed once.

All thanks to the developer “EA Dice” and publisher “Electronic Arts.” Bear it in mind that this video game was actually released wide-spread for PlayStation4, Xbox One & Microsoft Windows on 21st October 2016.

Having gone through the game, we came to find out that the Savvy dawn of all absolute war in Battlefield 1 through a first-person Shooter perspective that emphasizes teamwork. And also the amazing game is centered in the period of World War 1 full of extreme battling experience and is inspired by historical events that blow your socks off. Try it out your self and see what is made up of.

7: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4


This video game happens to be one of the best in PS4 Games. Many will also say that it is the most treacherous pressed-on-to-play video game published by Activision.

The sweet game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is an FPS (First-person shooter) video game and the eleventh installment in call of Duty series. It is also our duty to make it known to you that the game was said to be built by sledgehammer Games meanly for PlayStations4 Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

In playing this game, you will find out hazardous battlegrounds of the future, an atmosphere where tactics and technology have become the order of the day thereby delivering fabulous performance with good reflexes.

The Player Embody actor Kevin Spacey stars as Jonathan irons –sculpting this chilling official update vision of the future of absolute war.

There is on simple truth about this, in terms of game features, this game happens to be the most advanced in the Call of Duty series –by having several significant changes. And to clarify you the more, this PS4 video game never featured HUD (Heads-up display) rather all the information is relayed to the player via holographic projections from any weapon equipped.

8: Battlefield Hardline.

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

Battlefield Hardline was published by Electronic Arts and developed by Visceral Games. And also have it at the back of your mind that It’s a FPS (First-person shooter) video game released in March 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Microsoft respectively.

Furthermore, the PS4 video game Hardline’s gameplay is centered around Heist, crime, and policing elements rather than only military warfare –Hardline, beyond dispute, surpasses other Battlefield series.

Players will embody “Nick Mendoza” –a younger detective that engages on a cross-country vendetta, seeking revenge against an old buddy of his in the force –all happening in a single-player campaign.

You can also play it with your friends because it has a Multiplayer, where players hunt criminals, save hostages in a new cop, raid vaults and even criminal inspired modes like Rescue and Heist. At this point, the Battlefield Hardline receives lots of praises around the globe for the game’s multiplayer mode, stealth, and narrative, voice acting, and accessibility. This is something you can not just miss out.

9:  Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

We will be talking about the Kingdom come: Deliverance sculpted from historical research. please bear it in mind that this video game is an action role-playing game to be played in an FPP (first-person perspective).

The game has to do with you going into an open world , meaning that you can walk around freely and it utilizes a classless RPG system which enables the player to display their kind of skills forged from their own perceptions –taking on roles like Bard, Warrior, Thief or their Hybrids.

when you are playing the game, have it in mind that the Players’ abilities and stats improve based on the things done by the player. The amazing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a genre brushed up with fantasy epic role-playing adventure from history.

10: Tom clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Best Games For PS4

Best Games For PS4

We come to the final list and PS4 game of the day for now, with the “”Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands””. This game is a very tactical shooter open-world environment PS4 game, which can also be played from a third-person perspective with a free choice of first-person view for weapon-aiming.  please Note that the game was published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Paris. On the 7th March 2017 it’s released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows & Xbox One respectively.

Having gone through the PS4 smart game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, we came to find out that this is the first game in the Ghost Recon series to feature an open world exploring the environment and it’s the tenth installment of its Franchise. It is been engaged in a fierce shooting, threatening and responsive open world video game that can be played entirely on solo or in four-player co-op –the 5th Special force Group called “Ghosts”.

The interesting smart game features assaulted weapons and gear that are commonly used in military forces –in the modern world. Taking a look at the famous cartel in Bolivia, which happens to be the largest cocaine producer across the world. Become a Ghost!.

Bear it in mind that players can customize their Ghost, gear, and weapons and lead their team to take down the cartel, either in solo mode or in three friends.


With the above article, you now know the best PS4 games you will really like to play. Stay with us as we do all we can to keep you updated. Do you have any question regarding the best PS4 games, make it known to us via the comment box below. Please make use of 5 seconds of your time to share this article with family and friends via any of the share buttons.


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