In 2020, the world was hit by a pandemic that changed human life and affected the timing of sports games all over the world. The sports industry was hit hard as the measures put in place to combat the spread of the virus required minimum human contact.

The most popular sporting events were streamed by millions around the world while the suspension that was enforced meant that fans were no longer able to watch their favorite sports. In addition, this forced sports punters who were used to betting on mobile betting apps to review their betting strategies as games were played on empty stadiums. Later, there was a technological intervention to create the right atmosphere in the stadium.

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Football fans chanting happily

Football fans chanting happily

The Remote Cheerer

Players are used to playing with the fans in the stadium cheering them. Therefore, empty stadiums impacted the performances of many clubs. If you placed a bet on Betway, you must have missed several predictions because the results were unexpected.

However, music instrument producer Yamaha developed the Remote Cheerer app. The app was launched in the J-League in Japan in a trial match. During the game, the app was connected to 58 speakers around the stadium to create the right atmosphere.

The trial match was between Jubilo Iwata and Shimizu S-Pulse. Fans sent their club chants, cheers, jeers, and applause into the stadium through their smartphones.

The app also allowed fans to select the section of the stadium where their audio could be delivered. This enabled the fans to support their teams as though they were in the stands.

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The Atmosphere Is Important

The shouts from the fans help to recreate the right atmosphere of the matches. Players usually rely on the support of the fans as they take on their opponents.

The fans’ importance was highlighted when the lack of crowd noise meant you could hear the ball hitting the net. In most matches, fans watching on TV could hear player conversations.

Studies have also revealed that home teams benefit a lot from having fans in the stands. The studies indicate that there is less home-ground advantage when a team plays in empty stadiums.

The beginning of the English Premier League emphasized this fact. Most big teams that would beat the ‘smaller’ teams with ease found it challenging. Teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool had a poor start to the season partly because there were no fans in the stadium.

Tech Is the Future of Sports

So far, the app has worked flawlessly. Fans should expect more innovations to come as clubs look at how to get them involved in the matches more, albeit remotely. This new playing environment means that betting fans on Betway will have to review their betting strategies.

Technology experts will see how Stadia can install more cameras to enable the use of virtual reality technology. The use of VR can help remote spectators to control how they follow the matches.

Bottom Line

Technology seems to be the best solution for linking fans and their favorite teams. Since there is no clear indication when things shall return to normalcy, such innovations must continue. The 5G network’s continued development will be critical because fans need reliable internet connections to make this virtual reality a reality.



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