I have not seen anything most annoying all than calling on your smartphone and its not responding. Most people will out of anger dash the phone on the wall. But when you find your self in such situation, be rest assured that you can just handle everything with some minor buttons.

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3 Trusted Ways To Hard Reset iPhone Without Troubles

3 Trusted Ways To Hard Reset iPhone Without Troubles

Its important we make it known to you all that Hard reset your iPhone by making use of the master reset for iPhone. This method has been used by so many who comes across it. Once you want to get your iPhone back to Normal, you ought to make use of this stlye.

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Stay calm, hence we will be sharing with you all on 3 Trusted Ways To Hard Reset iPhone Without Troubles. If you really wish to get your phone back to normal, kindly make use of this two ways we will be sharing with you all below without much troubles.

How To Hard Reset Your iPhone In 3 Ways

Below are some 3 quick ways you can hard-reset your iPhone without much stress. Do all you can to kindly follwon this steps.

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Method 1.

Before you think of this method, please make sure you check out if your phone can power on properly. If the phone its not been able to on, kindly make sure it one first. This is because you will find it difficult resetting your device when its off.

Its advisable you force restart your phone if it’s the last option you have. When your iPhone is shutting down, please perform a force restart by holding down the right button together for your iPhone For iPhone 8 and other once above the device.

Simple Steps

1. Click on Volume up => Go to volume down =>  power button. For  iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Simply Press the Power button + volume down button.

2. Make sure you hold this long press this combination of buttons for about 10 seconds or even more. Hold it until you see the Apple logo on your device screen, then you can release the buttons.

Method 2

This option is for Factory Reset Option. Kindly locate your settings to make it work.

1. You will be expected to select your Apple ID, you can see this on the top menu which contains your details and image or avatar. Make sure you are  signed in to get started.

2. Go to iCloud submenu under the settings and click on it. Now, go to the iCloud backup option and then slide it “on”.

3. Mow carefully press on the back-up button.  Kindly wait for the back-up files to be completed. After it must have been competed, click on the iCloud settings page on your device, and finally click on Apple ID situated at the upper left section of your device screen.

4. This is for old iPhone User version, go to general settings, click on reset,tap on the erase all content and settings option, Now,  enter all your device passcode, and finally click on “Erase iPhone option”.

Method 3

Be rest assured that you can as well make use of “iTunes method“, But please make sure you backup all your device data before you proceed with the resetting process.

1. Carefully connect smartphone with your PC and open the installed iTunes. After that, choose the type of iPhone you make use of from the list located at the top barb of the iTunes. Now, go back and click on the “This Computer (PC)”

2. Here you will click on “Back up Now”. The back-up process will start up backing up all your files. Note it will take some time which all depends on the size of data you have.

3. You are expected to click on “Restore iPhone” to reset your device. Kindly confirm the dialogue box If you want to wipe out everything on your iPhone. Be rest assured that the restore process might take up to like 14 to 20 minutes to finish up.

Important Note: Make sure you put in your phone in “Recovery Mode” when it does not show up in in the iTunes, or when your device finds it difficult responding. This can be done and dusted properly by just making sure you PC is connected with a USB Cord in other to make sure the who process id running very well without troubles.


Having said much with the guides above, you can now Hard Reset your smartphone (iPhone) without ecountering any form of troubles. Do you have any question regarding this post? kindly make it known to us via the comment session below. Stay with us as we keep up updated.


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