No matter how hard you try to do something productive all the time and not waste time, there are moments when you feel like doing nothing. But then a moment comes when you find it difficult to decide what you should do to kill time and escape boredom. 

You might not have realized it yet, but there are multiple ways that help you utilize your time wisely without any nuisance. All you need is a laptop and, yes, an internet connection. This blog mentioned some of the ways that you can consider spending your time wisely as well as productively. 

#1. Play Games 

Well, we bet this is going to be your favorite as there are plenty of games that you can play online including free download slots. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend anything on playing these games. There are free gaming websites that give you unlimited access to free downloaded slots and some of the most trending video games online.

#2. Watch Movies
Horror movies can be a sneaky pastime, but if you are a soft-hearted person, spend your time watching comedy or entertaining movies. You can explore YouTube for free movie-watching; so, select one, play it, sit back, and enjoy the movie. Don’t forget to carry your favorite snacks and drinks but avoid having them near your laptop table.

3. Stream Video on Netflix

The popular streaming platform gives you access to the latest content, including live shows, daily soaps, movies, and trending series. You can play videos on any Apple device and stream them to another device remotely using AirPlay. If you are encountering problems while sharing media content and searching on how to fix airplay not working, try to find out the reason and troubleshoot it for a quick resolution. 

#4. Read eBooks 

Whether you are an avid or an average reader, you can find a free library of ebooks online on a topic that might interest you. You can read novels or informative books from free online resources or can download one for later. Explore the web to find the series of comics on your favorite character or find out a story that you can relate to. 

#5. Pick Up a Hobby

If you are an art-obsessed person, find out different ways to polish your skills using free tools available online. For some, a hobby can be a source of extra income, so always spend time learning new things that entertain you more than anything. Or forget about the money and focus purely on enjoying your free time. 

#6. Spend Time Shopping

If you are not afraid of spending money on buying luxury items, essentials, or even gifts for the upcoming Christmas party, you have the time to shop online. You can find and compare the prices of the same item on different shopping websites and buy the cheapest one at the best price.

#7. Start a Blog

It takes a lot to begin a blog, and you cannot just do it in a few hours. But, if you have some free time, you can use it wisely to strategist various things that are necessary to start A blog or a vlog. You can explore the web to understand your audience and find out ways to engage them with your blog. 

#8. Take a Virtual Tour

A virtual tour to your favorite museum or library takes nothing more than your time. Although it will only give you a fraction of real-time experience, you can at least get an idea of the place and its surroundings (in some cases). Once the virtual tour is over, you can search the web to explore the scenic places around the spot. 

#9. Learn to Play Chess

Playing chess, the most sophisticated and logical board game can be a proud moment for many as you use your skills and mental abilities to understand moves and revert to each of them. If you know how to play chess, you can try it out in your free time, or you can subscribe to various channels on YouTube that are dedicated to chess. 

#10. Google New Places

Go places on Google and enjoy your hypothetical tours by exploring the most exotic scenic places on the planet. Discover new picnic spots and try to read more about them to plan your next holiday. Read about traditions, cultures, weather, and food, and check out for the air tickets to plan your budget for the vacation. 

#11. Take Online Quizzes

Things to do when bored

Things to do when bored

Test your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) by taking online quizzes and evaluating your skills and knowledge on a particular topic. The online quiz websites provide an easy and interesting way to enhance and expand your knowledge. You can even play puzzles such as a jigsaw or a mathematical or a logical one to test your knowledge.


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